Gas Leak Detection

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Gas Leak Detection

AMF Plumbing are gas fitters and gas safety specialists who are reliable and trusted within the industry to provide our customers with a number of services.  Our plumbers are licensed gas safety specialists who are qualified to install, repair and service gas needs and appliances and to perform gas safety inspections.  When you have a gas leak or would like a gas safety inspection, we provide quality services.  We have the best gas leak detection equipment to ensure the safety of all our customers.

If you are concerned of a gas leak, knowing how to find a gas leak is crucial.  AMF Plumbing has outlined how to find a gas leak, as well as, sign of a gas leak to help ensure the safety of our customers.

How to Find a Gas Leak

One of the most utilized methods to find a natural gas leak in your home or office is to use a mixture of soap and water.  If you feel that a pipe may be leaking gas, then simply apply the mixture to the pipe.  If there is a gas leak, the mixture will start to bubble.

Signs of a gas leak include a hissing sound and a gas leak smell may be noticed, as well.  While there is no smell to natural gas, companies add a rotten egg smell to the gas so that property owners can detect a gas leak.

It is very important that you discover your gas leak, should there be one, as one spark could cause an explosion.  AMF Plumbing recommends a gas leak detector be installed in each property, which is a service we provide, and one that just might save the life of you and your loved ones.  When you are exposed to a gas leak you are exposed to carbon monoxide which starves the brain of oxygen.  You might find that you and your loved ones are suffering from light headedness which is another sign of a gas leak in the property.  Gas leaks can be very dangerous, and you must understand the severity of the damage a gas leak can cause, as it can result in death.

Gas is a very flammable product, and it is essential that you have a knowledgeable safety expert who performs your gas service needs.  At AMF Plumbing we have years of experience in gas fittings and safety needs and each of our plumbers are fully qualified, licensed, bonded and insured.  There is no concern that the job won’t be performed properly the first time around, and you are always guaranteed that the service will be performed with a smile!

Call us today for your gas leak detection services and needs.  We are the experts that you can count on a for the safety of you and your loved ones.  AMF Plumbing offers affordable rates, and we are a gas leak Sydney specialist.

All builders, renovators and construction companies should use AMF if they want top notch quality work.

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