Gas Meter Installation

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Gas Meter Installation

Gas meters are used in Australian homes and apartment buildings, and are an economical energy supply. In apartment buildings, a gas meter is found near the front door. In homes, generally a gas meter is found at the front of the home. Knowing the location of your gas heater is necessary as there may be times that you will need to turn off the gas supply in the event of emergency, or check your gas meter.

AMF Plumbing technicians provide gas flow meter installation. If your gas meter needs to be moved, our plumbers are also equipped to perform this task. We also handle barbecue conversions from LPG to natural gas, which offersyou the convenience of not having to exchange bottles at the service station, as well as stove installations. AMF Plumbing can also install heater bayonets elsewhere in your home, with the exception of bedrooms and hallways.

If a gas leak is your concern, AMF Plumbing can perform a gas flow meter and leak test, which is suggested if you suspect a gas leak or have had changes in your utilities bill. We will send one of our highly trained plumbers who will perform a pressure test using specialized equipment to determine if a gas leak is present. This provides you with peace of mind and saves you extra costs on your utilities bill.

AMF Plumbing provides gas meter installation, barbecue conversions, gas meter relocation and gas flow meter tests. Never consider performing the work yourself, as safety is of utmost concern.

All builders, renovators and construction companies should use AMF if they want top notch quality work.

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