Grease Trap Installation

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Grease Trap Installation

AMF Plumbing understands the importance of grease traps being installed 100% correctly.  All Councils and Water Authorities make proper installation a priority. Our experience in replacement and brand new installation is optimal, our service supreme, our technicians are experts within their field, and our standards are of the highest quality within the industry.

Grease Trap Concerns

When you need a grease trap installed, your first concern is a qualified plumber.  Whether the installation of your grease trap is below or above ground, the installation consists of about 60% of the job.  The local Trade Waste and Water Authority inspections must approve the installation.

Additional needs associated with grease traps, include drainage design and system venting unique to the installation.  There are a number of components that are necessary, including floor drainage and devices for water protection.

AMF Plumbing ensures that everything is clearly defined in your quote so that you don’t have the concern of hidden costs popping up.  When we write a quote, our goal is to complete and meet Sydney Water approvals.  There will be no variations in our quote provided electrical pipes or obstacles don’t hinder our excavation work or that you do not alter your plans.  When you receive a quote from AMF Plumbing, you are provided with the total cost to install and gain appropriate approval of your grease trap.

AMF Plumbing has extensive experience in grease trap installations.  We install all types of grease traps, on different property layouts.  Common grease traps are above ground to below ground tanks. Our experience expands beyond the common layout installation as we are experienced to install grease traps behind the kitchen, on top of buildings and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Does My Business Require a Grease Trap?

A:  Mainly food preparation businesses such as takeaways, bakeries, restaurants, cafes, and butcher shops.  The grease arrestor / trap design keeps oils and fats from the Authorities sewer lines, and for oils and fat to keep from blocking your property drains.  Without complying with the Regulations required by the Councils and Water Authorities, you will not be able to open the doors of your business.  Proper installation and inspection meeting the conditions of the Council Authorities and Health Department is most often required.

Q:  How Large of a Grease Trap Do I Need?

A:  The size of your grease trap is something that will be determined by the size of your water usage and the number of sit down customers your company caters to.  As a word of advice, if you have a large water usage and a small grease trap, you will likely need to have the trap regularly pumped.  With a pump-out costing over $200, it may be more cost efficient to install a larger system.  A grease trap installation is for business owners that plan on being in the business long-term. Contact AMF Plumbing to discuss your needs.

Q:  What are Grease Trap Cleanout Requirements?

A:  To start, many local Authorities mandate that grease trap systems be cleaned out once every 13 weeks.  From time to time, you will receive a visit from an inspector of the Trade Waste.  The purpose of the visit is to inspect grease build up, or “Fatty Crust”.  Part of the reason for the inspection is to determine how often your system will need to be cleaned.  A larger system always is less expensive in the long run due to less frequent clean outs.

Q:  What type of System Should I get?

A:  The type of system you should purchase will depend on the position it will need to be installed.  AMF Plumbing works with different companies to ensure that we are able to provide you with the proper grease trap for your business needs.  All our companies provide industrial standards of the highest quality.  Poly /  Plastic and Fibre Glass are both highly recommended.  Both systems are durable and long lasting and designed to meet all Local Authority Standards.  Concrete tanks are higher in maintenance and more expensive.

Q:  Is an Above Ground Tank Possible over An In-ground Grease Trap?

A:  Yes.  However, if the grease trap’s top is higher than the kitchen floor, a pump to push the water into the trap is necessary.  Pumps are not inexpensive, and you should weigh the costs of the in-ground versus an above ground system.

Modular Grease Trap

grease-trap-installation2 The Modular Grease Trap (MGT) is available in a range of sizes from 500 litre to 10,000 litre capacity. The MGT is designed to be upgradeable for future expansion by adding on extra modules. Our continued commitment to the environment has lead to the current design - it reduces up to 95% of oil, grease and food products from entering the sewer system.
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Ecotec S100 Grease Extractor

ecotec s100 grease extractor The S100 is smaller and lighter than traditional grease traps and its weighs only 28kgs. The S100 is ideal for difficult site applications, it fits through a doorway, can be installed inside and 1-2 people can lift it. The Ecotec Grease Extractor –S100 can be installed in butcher shops, cafes, restaurants, bakeries, takeaways and any commercial premises that discharges oil and grease. Some of our customers include KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Qantas, Caltex, Fox Studios and Coles Supermarket.
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MGT S Series Grease Trap

mgt s series grease trap The MGT “S” series is an additional design to the MGT series but has extra features.
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